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Student Journey


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Are you interested in expanding your horizons, discovering a new culture and maybe even learning a new language? If you’d like to earn a university degree and increase your chances of starting an international career, you’ve come to the right place! Germany is the ideal country to get a university education! Germany is one of the top three most popular countries in the world among international students, and more than twelve percent of all students at German universities come from abroad – just like you!

What’s more, German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide. We invite you to discover Germany from the Black Forest to the Baltic Sea and get to know new people from many other countries. On this five-step journey, we’ll show you what a German degree programme can offer, how you can prepare for it, and what requirements you will have to meet.

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Discover Germany

Find out why Germany is the right choice for you and your academic career.

Study opportunities in Germany

We can help you find a degree programme best suited to you and your personal interests.

Applying for admission

This is where we show you how to apply for admission to German university and whether you meet all the prerequisites.

Financing your studies

We tell you how much money you will need and what scholarships you are eligible for.

Your arrival in Germany

We explain the most important steps you have to take prior to and after arriving in Germany.

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Not only do Germany’s top-class universities offer practice-oriented and competence-building education, but also numerous opportunities off campus. 

Come join us and experience the exciting life of an international student in Germany!
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In Germany there are general universities, universities of applied sciences, and art, film and music colleges. Finding the right university depends on what you want to study. 

Discover the diversity of the German higher education system in this video.
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To apply for (and gain) admission to a German university, you must fulfil a number of prerequisites. We can help you understand these very easily!
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Interaktive Informationen

For example, did you know that about 2.8 million young people in Germany decide to study each year?

Did you know that Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world? On the following page, you will find other interesting facts and figures about Germany and its universities. 

Amazing discoveries await you!
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428 universities

In 2017 higher education was offered at 428 universities in Germany.

374,583 international students

In 2017 a total of 374,583 international students were enrolled at Germany universities.

63,680 Scholarships

63,680 international students and academics received Scholarships in 2018 offered and supported by the DAAD.

2.8 million students

In the winter semester 2017/18 some 2.8 million young people studied at German universities.

7,877 libraries

There are 7,877 public libraries in Germany.

4,932 museums

In 2015 a total of 4,932 museums in Germany were open to visitors.

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